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Dr. Carole Devaux, PhD
Phone: +352 26970-224

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HIV Clinical and Translational Research Group

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carole Devaux

The HIV Clinical and Translational Research Group provides specialized technical support for the clinical follow-up of HIV and HCV-infected patients and is the first supplier of public health information for these infections in Luxembourg. The Group is a partner for several European HIV and HCV networks, for private lifescience companies to evaluate kits in virology, and developing countries favouring knowledge and technology transfer. The Group has developed clinically oriented research in the field of primary transmitted and secondary resistance to antiviral therapy and transmission , dynamics of epidemics caused by HIV and HCV.  The Group is providing new translational knowledge on “HIV cure” by studying the phenotype of polyfunctional T cell response of HIV controllers for the design of therapeutic vaccines and by developping heteromultimeric multifunctional therapeutic molecules modulating the complement action towards target cells as a therapeutic strategy. The Group has its focus on the immunopathogenesis of HIV by elucidating the early mechanisms of epithelial barrier disruption and immune activation in the gut using a humanized mouse model of HIV infection, colon explants and a microfluidics-based gastro-intestinal device (Humix-HIV, in collaboration with Prof Dr Paul Wilmes from LCSB). The Group is developing humanized mouse models for HIV infection and HIV latency as pre-clinical tools for vaccine and antiviral compounds development.

  • Dr. Carole Devaux, PhD
  • Christine Lambert, Msc
  • Samiha Regaia, Msc
  • Laurence Guillorit, Bsc
  • Servais Jean-Yves, Msc
  • Gilles Iserentant, Msc
  • Yue Zheng, PhD Student
  • Dr. Jean-Claude Schmit MD, PhD
  • Marije Hofstra, MD, PhD Student
  • Dr. Xavier Dervillez, PhD
  • Plesseria Jean-Marc, Bsc
  • Charlene Vershueren, Bsc
  • Servais Jean-Yves Msc
  • Dr. Virginie Fievez, PhD
  • Plesseria Jean-Marc, Bsc
  • Charlene Vershueren, Bsc
  • Dr. Karthik Arumugam, PhD