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2012 - 10 - 22 Measles Elimination Initiative

Wayne A. Madden, President of Lions International visits the WHO Measles/Rubella Regional Reference Center for the European Region in Luxembourg, in the presence of the Minister of Health Luxembourg Mars di Bartolomeo, tuesday 23.10.2012, 14.00.

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Photo_Madden_Weiwers_Muller_Bartolomeo_Millim_Gierens_Schmit_Entringer 2012

On Tuesday 23.10.2012 Wayne A. Madden, the president of Lions International (headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA) together with the Minister of Health Mars di Bartolomeo has paid an official visit to the World Health Organisation Reference Center for the European Region in Luxembourg located at the Department of Immunology / CRP-Santé, to learn about the progress of the worldwide MEASLES ELIMINATION INITIATIVE. One of the most important world-wide activities of the LIONS INTERNATIONAL is its contribution to and participation in the MEASLES ELIMINATION INITIATIVE of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The MEASLES ELIMINATION INITIATIVE is a consortium of international organisations including e.g. UNICEF, the American Red Cross, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and others which fund under the auspices of the WHO the eradication of measles and (congenital) rubella throughout the world. LIONS INTERNATIONAL is one of the prominent players in this consortium. To reach the target of eradicating measles, the WHO relies on a world-wide Network of National Laboratories, essentially one in each country of the world. These National Laboratories are supported by Regional Reference Laboratories on each continent. The Department of Immunology  , CRP-Santé/LNS in Luxembourg is a Regional Reference Center responsible for 21 countries in Europe and the New Independent States (the former Soviet Republics). In addition, the Department of Immunology, CRP-Santé/LNS in Luxembourg is one of the WHO’s three Collaborating Centers for Research on Measles. Thus, the Department of Immunology is a very prominent player in the Measles Initiative.

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2012 - 07 - 01 Nescav study - Results' presentation

On June 26, 2012 was held the Nescav conference presenting the results of the study conducted by the Centre for Health Studies, CRP-Santé.

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The study deals with nutrition, obesity and cardiovascular diseases and was driven in Belgium, Lorraine, and Luxembourg.

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2012 - 06 - 17 Health Economics press conference

In the context of The Health Economics Symposium, CRP-Santé was delighted to organize a press conference on Monday June 18, 2012.

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2012 - 05 - 03 Borreliose Study

The Department of Immunology is currently launching a study regarding Borreliose.

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2012 - 01 - 07 Press conference in Sports medicine

The Sports Medicine Research Laboratory is delighted to invite you to the press conference organized on Wednesday January 11, 2012 on "CRP-Santé proposes to test running shoes and will sign an agreement with a company expert in sports".

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2011 - 11 - 29 Myocardial infarction: one step further in patient care

The Laboratory of Cardiovascular Research of CRP-Santé and Firalis SAS, a leading company in biomarker development, have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of an in vitro diagnostic device intended to improve the care of patients who experienced an acute myocardial infarction.

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