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Assessing cardiovascular health - Call for participation of Luxembourg residents to ORISCAV-LUX 2 study

May 10, 2017   In Our News  

Treating cancer with viruses - Inauguration of a new binational research unit

May 02, 2017   In Our News  

Master detox molecule boosts immune defence

April 19, 2017   In Our News  

Training on animal experimentation and welfare organised in Luxembourg

April 05, 2017   In Our News  

LIH coordinates the clinical phase of an innovative orphan drug in European sites

March 27, 2017   In Our News  

The Cancer Foundation supports a project on cancer virotherapy of a newly created research group at LIH and DKFZ

March 09, 2017   In Our News  

Luxembourg’s injury surveillance system rated excellent and sustainable

March 07, 2017   In Our News  

FNR and LIH support Luxembourg research project on rare disease

February 28, 2017   In Our News  

LIH and LNS cooperate on doctoral training

February 27, 2017   In Our News  

LIH contributes to an important worldwide study on blood pressure with national data

February 01, 2017   In Our News  

Specialised training to accompany people with mental disorders for their professional reinsertion

January 30, 2017   In Our News  

Retrospective 2016: LIH’s highlights of the year

January 24, 2017   In Our News  

Strengthened research activities in neuro-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases with FNR PEARL Chair Prof Mittelbronn

January 23, 2017   In Our News  

Erasmus+ Award for a multinational project coordinated by LIH

January 16, 2017   In Our News  

Advancing brain tumour research with preclinical MRI studies

January 11, 2017   In Our News  

Funding for three collaborative research projects by the Personalised Medicine Consortium

December 16, 2016   In Our News  

National PhD Welcome Day: welcoming our young scientists

December 09, 2016   In Our News  

LIH researchers in touch with the public at the Researchers’ Days 2016

December 05, 2016   In Our News  

Interview with Dr Gunnar Dittmar, new Head of LIH’s Proteome and Genome Research Unit

November 30, 2016   In Our News  

Well-attended Life Sciences PhD Days at the University of Luxembourg

November 29, 2016   In Our News