Department of Population Health

The Department of Population Health is an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on epidemiology and public health research across a wide range of areas including cardio-metabolic conditions, sports medicine, human bio-monitoring, health economics and clinical investigations. By the evidence we generate, we aim at tackling the major causes of morbidity and mortality, improving quality of life and informing clinical and public health guidelines in the country.


We address major public health issues which are relevant to both Luxembourg and the international community. We carry out a number of epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and experimental investigations in key areas such as cardio-metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, behavioural and nutritional aspects of chronic disease prevention, economic evaluations of health interventions.

The department is responsible for a range of public health consultancy activities and services such as disease registries. It relies on expertise from a number of disciplines (epidemiologists, clinicians, basic scientists, statisticians, methodologists, clinical trialists, translational researchers).

We envisage to foster interdisciplinary and translational research collaborations across the different units of the department, strengthen networks with national and international partners and stakeholders. We will strive to become a national training centre in epidemiology and public health research for the next generation of scientists and health professionals in these fields.

Director of Department

Dr Anna Chioti, MD with a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health, has been appointed as Director of the Department of Population Health ad interim since September 2016. She is specialized among others in preventive medicine, public health and environment, nutrition and clinical research. Her previous experiences include experience in the pharmaceutical industry where she managed medical affairs and initiated and coordinated local and international- industry and investigator initiated studies.